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FY2021 Tax Return Support documents (file 2020 Tax Return)

Updated: Jan 21

1. Copy of completed 2019 tax return

2.The valid ID of taxpayer and spouse (Driver License or State ID, etc.)

3. Letters from current school or primary doctor for each child

4. Proof of income & expense* (see list below )

5. Proof of healthcare coverage (form 1095)

6. Receipt of the charitable contribution

8. Receipt of medical expenses

9. Bank Account for direct deposit (copy of the void check)

10. Taxpayer's and spouse's cellphone number and Email

*Proof of Income & Expense

1.Wage (W2)

2.Self-employment (1099-NEC)

3.Gamble Income (W-2G)

4. Interest Income (1099-INT)

5. Investment Income (1099-B)

6. Dividend Income (1099-DIV)

8. Unemployment Benefit (1099-G)

9. Withdraw from IRA (1099-R)

10. Withdraw from Health Savings Account (1099-SA)

11. Rental Income (including expense detail, such as mortgage 1098 Form,property tax)

12. Business/Partnership Income (K-1)

Proof of Dependent Care Expense:

Valid Letter must include caregiver's name, address, phone number, tax ID(EIN), amount, and covered period

Proof of tuition expense: 1098-T Form, Receipts of materials.

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